Month: November 2015

  • Update 2015.11.30

    Update 2015.11.30

    The holiday weekend has come and gone, here’s what’s up. I’ve successfully “hung” the outdoor Christmas lights. One of the big Black Friday scores was these laser lights for the house. They look a tiny bit cheap, but they’re different (which is fun) and just involved putting stakes in the ground, so no actual hanging. It looks okay […]

  • Boilerplate Intro Post

    Boilerplate Intro Post

    [Insert Greeting] [Insert paragraph about who I am] [Insert ambitions about regularly posting] … Seriously, I think I’ve written this post four times now. You get it, it’s a blog. Expect me to brag about stuff here and share stuff that I may or may not have already posted on twitter, linkedin or facebook. Frankly, […]