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  • Social Media Update

    I’ve deleted my Twitter account, which had my actual name. There’s a radio show host in California that’s also named Brian Copeland that was probably very upset I got @BrianCopeland earlier than him – he had to settle for @BrianCopie. I’ve deleted my reddit account. I was /u/jhinra for 15 years, reddit was one of […]

  • Hard Seltzer Tasting

    Hard Seltzer Tasting

    Hard seltzer is seltzer water with alcohol. It’s a malted beverage, created in a similar way to beer, so it’s not technically liquor. And it’s huge. This past Friday, I felt a “tasting” itch. I used to host tastings a lot. I’ve done tastings for: Scotch Butter Gin Chocolate Vodka Sparkling Water Cheese It’s just […]

  • Neighborhood Art

    Like all of you, I’ve been out walking the neighborhood significantly more than ever before. I’ve previously featured street art from NYC on this blog, feeling pretty jealous of all the art everywhere in that city. Turns out, there’s plenty of it here. Here’s some of my favorites, just to give South Minneapolis a little […]

  • Night Waves

    Night Waves

    I’m in love with this animated gif titled “Night Waves” courtesy of Reddit by /u /Kyro122 and wanted to share it.

  • 2019 Recap

    So, what’d I do in 2019? Travel You’d almost guess I don’t like Minneapolis the way I traveled last year: Denver, CO Sunnyvale, CA ( for work) x4 South Dakota + Wyoming Anchorage, AK Las Vegas, NV Vancouver, BC, Canada Ten Year Anniversary In August, Alicia and I celebrated ten years of marriage with a […]

  • PyData Recap

    PyData ( is a fairly regular conference put on by NumFocus (, a non-profit that sponsors most of the big Python projects (NumPy, pandas, Jupyter, Julia, Bokeh…). Within the span of a few weeks, they’ve put on conferences in Washington DC, NYC and LA. Three weeks ago, I attended the PyData NYC version – here’s […]

  • Leela

    I’m sitting here bawling my eyes out, so maybe writing will help. Cats are strange animals. Oddly self-reliant. How does the joke go? Everyone imagines a cat thinking, “Yeah, I’ll live with you and eat your food… but I could be outta here in a split second, sucka.” That’s exactly how Leela was. My then-future-wife […]

  • End-of-Sumer 2017 Update

    I can’t even call them mega-updates if they only happen every half a year. But at least they are content filled. Rest assured, dear reader, that I have every intention of posting more, but I’ve had that same intention for more than a decade. Oh well: progress not perfection, right? Let’s go in chronological order. […]

  • Rest in peace, decent shirts

    One of those hard things in life is learning to let go. Wait, Brian. You mean loved ones? Did someone die?? No, far more vapid than that. Stuff. Strangely, it’s really hard to throw away stuff you own that aren’t specifically broken. Take these t-shirts: These T-shirts are awesome. The top one comes from a time […]

  • Summer Update

    Fourth of July has come and gone, we’re in the depth of summer now. I made ribs. It’s been the summer of biking for me! I found The Zissou at a garage sale and have been rocking it around town. Not every day to work, but at least one day a week. It’s been the […]