Boilerplate Intro Post

[Insert Greeting]

[Insert paragraph about who I am]

[Insert ambitions about regularly posting]

… Seriously, I think I’ve written this post four times now. You get it, it’s a blog. Expect me to brag about stuff here and share stuff that I may or may not have already posted on twitter, linkedin or facebook. Frankly, twitter is my favorite place to post. I’ll probably even post on twitter every time I update this blog, so no need to regularly check this site.

Why a website? I dunno – journal entries on facebook seem lame. I’d rather practice hosting my own website – all of my previous blogs were hosted on Google’s blogger platform. This bad boy is a bought and paid for website (thanks where I installed WordPress. So that’s cool.

But I also like the idea that each website reflects a different part of my life. My first site on reflected my undergraduate days in Duluth. Then I was off to grad school with Brian Blogs in Brooklyn. Moving back to Minnesota and entering the workforce, I created a professional and social blog that both went quiet pretty fast.

So what makes the end of 2015 different from the last five years? Nothing major – I don’t have a new house, nor a new job. But I am surrounded by colleagues doing cool things with software. I’m hoping a sexy new website might be just the forum to share fun stuff and let me brag about new side projects. Plus, I miss the semi-weekly updates I used to post.

We’ll see… I’d be skeptical if I was you.






2 responses to “Boilerplate Intro Post”

  1. Brian Avatar

    Just testing the comment stuff. How’s it look?

  2. Alicia Avatar

    It’s lookin’ good, sir. I love it.