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  • Carl’s Water as a Service

    My buddy Carl was at Tableau Conference in New Orleans in October and noticed something strange: Oct 23, 2018, 1:56 PM: The temperature of the water at the hydration station varies widely. One had the perfect sipping temp, but I forgot which one it was He’s an old man at heart, so apparently this is […]

  • The Burger Hunter

    tl;dr: The Burger Hunter ‘dissed’ White Castle, but still wrote solid burger reviews. I studied him and used machine learning to replicate his reviews after he quit writing. I subscribe to Secrets of the City. It’s twice-weekly email that informs you of stuff coming up in the Twin Cities. Super good. Back in 2017, it […]

  • Winter 2017 Mega-Update

    Geez, has it been six months since an update? Let’s do it mega-style. Overview I’m still a Data Scientist at Target, still living in Minneapolis, and still loving Jenga. Life is good, cats are healthy, and there’s no major drama. Whereas my 20’s were spent worrying about what person I should be, what hobbies I […]

  • The Library of Babel

    There’s a story written in 1941 by Jorge Luis Borges called “The Library of Babel” that describes a library that contains every single possible 410 page book written with a basic alphabet. The ordering of the books is random and most of the books contain gibberish, but this library also contains every book ever written. […]