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  • The Reverse Geocache Puzzle

    The Reverse Geocache Puzzle

    You’ve heard of geocaching, right? Go to a location specified by GPS coordinates and find a hidden cache? Mikal Hart created a box with a GPS inside that only opens when the box is at a set of GPS coordinates. …a puzzle box that won’t open until it is taken to a certain location. Quoted […]

  • Fizz Buzz Enterprise Edition

    This one’s hard to explain unless you’re a programmer, so bear with me… The first thing you learn when programming is how to print “Hello, world!”. Very shortly afterwards, they teach you to do something slightly more complicated, the “fizz buzz” problem, meant to teach children about division: [Children] generally sit in a circle. The […]

  • Woodburn Fractals

    Woodburn Fractals

    It’s a month into 2020 and I’m still clearing out my todo list. I don’t know about you, but I have a habit of bookmarking things I love with the intent of returning to them. But those bookmarks sit dormant and start to weigh me down with regret; why aren’t I doing cool stuff like […]

  • The Burger Hunter

    tl;dr: The Burger Hunter ‘dissed’ White Castle, but still wrote solid burger reviews. I studied him and used machine learning to replicate his reviews after he quit writing. I subscribe to Secrets of the City. It’s twice-weekly email that informs you of stuff coming up in the Twin Cities. Super good. Back in 2017, it […]

  • Micro Posts and Finding Meaning in Life

    I’ve been a bad blogger. I see interesting content on the internet and don’t share it. I think, “eventually I’ll write an intelligent and meaningful post about it.” Then, months (years) later, I haven’t ever done anything and this blog goes months (years) without new content. Today is the day I stop the bad habit. Here’s […]

  • Ice Candle

    Got one of those things you really like, but never remember to use? For me, it’s this Mathmos Ice Candle. You’re seeing a cylinder of ice surrounding a tea light. The ice is sitting on a grate with a rubber bucket below to collect the water as it melts. It’s all frosty in the beginning, […]

  • Kanye West iPhone Cover

    It’s been two years, but it’s time to retire the Kanye West Exclusive Art iPhone Case. I snagged this guy for $0.54 at the Office Depot that closed in downtown Minneapolis. It was grey, tacky, and suitably prevented scratches on the back of my iPhone. You know it’s good when it’s signed by the artist […]

  • Backyard Fire Pit

    One of my new year resolutions is to spend more time outside, even in the winter. As a result, this sexy propane fire pit (a Christmas gift two years ago from my folks) is getting a lot more use. It’s peaceful outside, it’s great getting fresh air, and it makes the winter suck less.