Month: November 2018

  • Squirrel Burgers

    Here’s a story about sacrificing quality for delivery: don’t make squirrel burgers. I’m usually a centrist. If there’s two competing moral principles, the best moral compass is probably somewhere in the middle. I’ve been on the side of rehabilitative criminal sentences (fix what caused the crime, don’t eye-for-an-eye ’em), but then some really awful case […]

  • Micro Posts and Finding Meaning in Life

    I’ve been a bad blogger. I see interesting content on the internet and don’t share it. I think, “eventually I’ll write an intelligent and meaningful post about it.” Then, months (years) later, I haven’t ever done anything and this blog goes months (years) without new content.┬áToday is the day I stop the bad habit. Here’s […]

  • PyData Recap

    PyData ( is a fairly regular conference put on by NumFocus (, a non-profit that sponsors most of the big Python projects (NumPy, pandas, Jupyter, Julia, Bokeh…). Within the span of a few weeks, they’ve put on conferences in Washington DC, NYC and LA. Three weeks ago, I attended the PyData NYC version – here’s […]