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    • You’re lying if you can’t relate

    • San Diego Recap

      Work has been treating me pretty well, lately – I was sent west to California to a Big Graphs Conference (housing data in a graph instead of a table has some nice advantages). Here’s a photographic recap! Arriving at San Jose International Airport on Sunday evening, visitors are proudly greeted with an upcoming event: Furries are…

    • Ice Candle

      Got one of those things you really like, but never remember to use? For me, it’s this Mathmos Ice Candle. You’re seeing a cylinder of ice surrounding a tea light. The ice is sitting on a grate with a rubber bucket below to collect the water as it melts. It’s all frosty in the beginning,…

    • Kanye West iPhone Cover

      It’s been two years, but it’s time to retire the Kanye West Exclusive Art iPhone Case. I snagged this guy for $0.54 at the Office Depot that closed in downtown Minneapolis. It was grey, tacky, and suitably prevented scratches on the back of my iPhone. You know it’s good when it’s signed by the artist…

    • Backyard Fire Pit

      One of my new year resolutions is to spend more time outside, even in the winter. As a result, this sexy propane fire pit (a Christmas gift two years ago from my folks) is getting a lot more use. It’s peaceful outside, it’s great getting fresh air, and it makes the winter suck less.

    • Updated Theme

      The really observant of you will notice I’ve switched themes (from Cols to Manifeset). I really liked Cols’ simplicity and dynamic two columns for posts. But after looking at it for a month, it really isn’t straight forward to read. Thus, for 2016, I’m trying a new look.

    • Song of the Moment 2015.12.29

      I can’t stop listening to this jazzy rendition of ‘Clair de Lune’ from Kamasi Washington. Thanks, /r/listentothis!

    • Holidays Update

      Holidays Update

      Christmas has come, let’s get you debriefed on the Brian scenario for the holidays. Alicia and I agreed to forgo gifts to each other and instead travel. Up north we went to Duluth for some nostalgia, drinking, and relaxation. We got all of those things! Cookies from Positively 3rd Street Bakery, burritos from Burrito Union,…

    • Animated images are even better in reverse

      Animated images are even better in reverse

    • Update 2015.12.08

      Update 2015.12.08

      You want more Brian? You got it. Alicia and I had a blast at the Sarah Berns Christmas party. We drank wine (which was new-ish for me, I’m starting to enjoy it more) and went with festive hats. I think we’re going to make that a tradition – silly hats for the holidays. I’ve squeaked…